If you go home for lunch, you are not permitted back on the playground until 12:30 (Tuesday 12:20).

A number of rules are enforced in the lunchroom to ensure the safety and proper behavior of all students. These are reviewed at the beginning of each school year. Students who stay for lunch are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the lunch period.

Student use of the lunchroom is a privilege. Improper behavior in the lunchroom or on the playground may result in the removal of the student's privilege to stay for lunch. The parents will be notified and will have to make other arrangements - outside of the building for an assigned period of time. Please refer to the specific rules listed in the handbook.

After lunch, all students line up behind the school building. Grades K - 5 line up at back steps. Grades 6 - 8 line up at gym doors. All students returning from lunch should go directly to the playground. Students are not to enter through the main office unless they are late.