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The Alice Costello School offers an education that specializes in tools that will assist the learner in the 21st century.
Technology skills are essential for today's society. Every student receives a comprehensive education in technology skills -
 word processing, typing, spreadsheet, database, on-line research, and graphics design are areas that receive detailed attention. 



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Good sites for elementary students to  use for research.

Interactive online tools that can support curriculum and projects.

Contains list of links on various topics.  Include lists that previously appeared on this maon page, including explorers and states.


Online Tools


Sites that students can use to get free clipart and graphics.

Ideas for classroom learning centers that integrate technology.

Computer Skills/Keyboarding




Computer Skills and Keyboarding Links



Super Hyper Spider Typer - Type the words quickly as they appear.
Growing with Technology - Technology lessons for all grades.
Mrs. Sterling's Word Pad - Computer lessons with kids in mind.
Word Processing Quiz - 10 interactive questions.
Learn to Type Online - Select from 10 lessons using the drop-down menu.
VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor - Select a lesson from the drop down menu.
Free Touch Typing Online - Choose lesson 1 from the drop down to get started.
 Dance Mat Typing - 4 levels of touch typing.
Typing Pal Online - Click on Exercises or Practice.
Game Sloth Typing Game - Be aware of the pop-ups.
Typing Tutor
Button Button - Multiple choice activity based on Microsoft Word icons.




Clips Ahoy Free Clipart - Use the links on the left to access the different categories.  Lots of pop-up ads!
Classroom Clipart - Browse by category. Lots of pop-up ads!
Discovery School Clipart - 100's of original clipart.
AAA Clipart - Browse by category.
Clipart for Kids - Over 1200 free images for kids.
Animation Library - 1000's of free animations.  Great for use in PowerPoint presentations, digital postcards, and web pages.
Educational Clipart - Browse by category.
Google Image Search - Search for graphics on the Internet.  These results are not limited to free graphics.  Please check copyright before using!
Crayfish Clipart - Clipart to support the 4th grade crayfish unit.  Great for use in reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
Delaware Pictures - Graphics to support the 4th grade unit on Delaware History.

Online Interactive Tools



My Brochure Maker - Make and print a brochure or flyer.
Letter Generator - Interactive tool that teaches the parts of a letter and helps student write and print a letter.
Project Poster - Students make and display a poster on the Web.
Persuasion Map - Tool to help students map out their argument for a persuasive essay or debate.
Comic Creator - Students can compose their own comic strips.
MakeBeliefs Comix Creator - Create you own comic strips.
Grow a Tree - Online family tree maker.
Read Write Think Printing Press - Designed to assist students in creating newspapers, brochures, flyers, and booklets.
Webbing Tool - Free-form graphic organizer
Timeline - Create timelines with this tool.
Time for Kids Mag-O-Matic - Create a magazine cover.
 Bio Cube - Use this tool to summarize a person's life.
 Book Cover Creator - Make and print a book cover online.
 Poetry Idea Engine - Create Haikus, Limericks, and more.
 Book Report Sandwich - Put all the ingredients together to make a great book report.
 Character Trading Cards - Make a trading card by completing the questions.
 Flip Book Creator - Use this tool to design a flip book.
 Doodle Splash - Use this tool to draw and write a story summary.
Venn Diagram (2 Circles) - Handy classroom tool that guides students through the process of organizing information into a Venn diagram.
Venn Diagram (3 Circles) - Same as above only with 3 circles.
Story Map - Interactive set of graphic organizers designed to assist teachers and students in prewriting and post-reading activities.
Read Write Think Student Materials Index - Many of the tools above come from Read Write Think.  This link takes you to a list of all their available interactive tools.  Once you are on the index, click on a link to access the tool and lesson plans that use the interactive tool.
Create a Graph - Create graphs online. Choose from area, line, bar, and pie graphs.
Illuminations Interactive Math Tools  - Interactive tools you can use to explore math and create interactive lessons.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics - Online math manipulatives categorized by grade level and subject.
Shodor Math Activities Index - List of interactive activities for exploring Elementary mathematics. - Create your own movie online. - Online student dictionary
 Bookmark Factory- Create and print a bookmark online.


Research Links


Google - Powerful search engine.  Not specific for students.
UD Lib Search - Databases for Elementary Schools.  Only available from school.
Yahooligans - Search engine designed for ages 7-12.
Fact Monster - Online Atlas, Almanac, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia
Ask Jeeves for Kids - Type a question, get answers.
KidsClick! Web Search - Web Search Engine made by librarians for kids
 Encyclopedia Britannica Online - Available at school only as part of UDLib Search.
Visual Dictionary Online - 6000 images in 15 themes
Kids News Room
Time for Kids
Science News for Kids
Net's Best for Research - Links for various research topics.
The Big 6 - Research help.
Citation Machine - Interactive Web tool designed to help produce reference citations for crediting information from other people.
NoodleBib - Click on Noodle Bib Express for another interactive tool to help students cite information from others. - Student Dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and more.
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary - Easy to use picture dictionary with links.



Invention @ Play

CRICKWeb - 33 Key Stage 2 Numeracy interactive resources for Primary Schools
The Teacher's Guide – Math Sites
The Teacher's Guide – Literacy Sites
Engaging Learners – The SmartBoard Way
Amble WEB – Sites for Children by Children




New Jersey Core Content Standards for Technology

8.1 Computer and Information Literacy

A. Basic Computer Tools and Skills

  • Keyboarding
  • Word processing
  • Internet usage
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database concepts and usage
  • Publications and presentations

B. Application of Productivity Tools

  • Social Aspects
  • Information Access and Research
  • Problem Solving

8.2 Technology Education

A. Nature and Impact of Technology

B. Design Process and Impact Assessment

C. Systems in the Designed World



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